Ditch the Duster and Employ Effective

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Your Window Coverings


MB Blind Cleaning


What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is the latest in window covering cleaning technology. After fully immersing your window coverings in a tank of water ultrasonic sound waves bombard the dust, dirt, mold, bacteria, allergens, and other grimy things you’d rather keep out of your house into oblivion. This quick cleaning technique completely eliminates any type of contaminant and returns your window coverings to their original condition.


What can ultrasonic cleaning be used on?

Ultrasonic cleaning can be used on any type of window covering you can imagine. Because we like you we’ve compiled a comprehensive list so you don’t have to rack your brain to think of them all.

  • Vinyl Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Horizontal Sheer Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Roller Shades
  • Cellular Shades
  • Pleated Shades
  • Allusion Shades
  • Shutters
  • Curtains